Sunday, December 8, 2013

Out of Class

For my out of class activity I attended the Folk Festival with my Girlfriend. We were volunteering together, she has volunteered there before so I thought it would be cool seeing her in her element. Me as the shy kid I thought I could volunteer but stay out of the way at the same time. I personally don't like a huge crowd of people and a lot of things going on at one time, but for her I gave it a shot. At first I was miserable, I hated the festival, I hated all those people, I even hated my girlfriend lol. But seriously I was ready to leave but I could not show her that because she always calls me anti-social. So I had to prove to her that i could handle a crowd. I started getting more involved and I really began to enjoy myself. I walked about almost the street; I even lost her a few times. I enjoyed the different artists and the different foods were great as well. My favorite band was the Chuck Brown All Star Tribute Band, I loveeee Go-Go so that was a bonus treat. But all in all I enjoyed the day at the Festival and like always I enjoyed her and I look forward to next year’s festival. 

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