Sunday, December 8, 2013

Out of Class

For my out of class activity I attended the Folk Festival with my Girlfriend. We were volunteering together, she has volunteered there before so I thought it would be cool seeing her in her element. Me as the shy kid I thought I could volunteer but stay out of the way at the same time. I personally don't like a huge crowd of people and a lot of things going on at one time, but for her I gave it a shot. At first I was miserable, I hated the festival, I hated all those people, I even hated my girlfriend lol. But seriously I was ready to leave but I could not show her that because she always calls me anti-social. So I had to prove to her that i could handle a crowd. I started getting more involved and I really began to enjoy myself. I walked about almost the street; I even lost her a few times. I enjoyed the different artists and the different foods were great as well. My favorite band was the Chuck Brown All Star Tribute Band, I loveeee Go-Go so that was a bonus treat. But all in all I enjoyed the day at the Festival and like always I enjoyed her and I look forward to next year’s festival. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013


So this morning had to be one of the most hectic days of life. While last night was actually when it started. So I kind of worked later than normally last night and I had homework that was done at 8 am this morning. So being typical, I thought I could rush home and finish my homework in about a hour or at the max a hour and a half. OH, I WAS SO WRONG! So I pull in the driveway and I tell myself "Deja you can not mess around, do not do anything else before you finish your work". So I walk in the house with a strong mind and determination to do my work, and my grandma calls my name as soon as I open the door. So I go into the kitchen with my grandparents and they begin to talk and just won't stop, so I tell my grandma that I'm really tired and I have to finish my homework really quick. She says well okay, I'll just come in there with you and watch my soaps. I sit down quietly to do my homework and she comes and sit directly beside me and blares the tv. So I'm sitting there loosing my concentration that I fought so hard to gain because I really don't have any idea as to what I'm doing in the first place. So I finish my work in about about two and a half hours suppose to that hour I thought it would take. So now it's about 12:30 am and I still have to shower and go to sleep. So I set my alarm to 6 am because I had to do some running around before my Excel test at 8 am. I'm probably sleep by 1:15, so I hop out of my sleep because my alarm didn't go off and my grandma is making way too much noise for it not be 6am yet. So I frantically hop out my bed, searching for my phone to check the time and I find it and it is dead and it's 7 am. I slept a whole hour oven and I had to get this stuff done before class at 8. I have never gotten dressed and out the door so fast and my life. I did all the things that i had to do with 11 minutes left to get to gas. I then rush to school and I still get to class 4 minutes late. I take that God awful test, while praying that I passed. Just a long and wild start to a long and crazy day.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Normally once a month i take my girlfriend out for date night. We normally go to dinner and go exploring or go do something we have never done before. But this month I was talking to one of my co-wokers about our date night and she thought that it would be fun to have a double date night, so I agreed. So we planned to go to dinner at Bottoms Up, then to Uptown Alley and finish our night with Coldstone. So our plans were all togehter and we were on one accord. So Saturday comes and I get off of work and my co-worker asks me what time were we meeting up so I told her around 6 and she said that's is good because she was waiting on her girlfriend to get back home from the fair with her family. So I get home and my girlfriend and I get ready to head and around 5:30 my co-worker tells me her girlfriend hasn't gotten back home yet so let's push everything back until 7:00. I say well that's fine so let me know when she gets nears. So my girlfriend and i proceed and getting ready and we leave home around 6:45 thinking that they should be ready by the time we get there. So 7:30 comes, her girlfriend still isn't back and we are just riding around to pass time. 8:15 comes and I tell my coworker that us three could just meet up and her girlfriend could just meet us since she's on her way and we are already two hours behind. So we meet up with my coworker and we're talking, passing the time until her girlfriend gets to us. So we're sitting waiting and waiting around until about 9:30 and then we decide to go to Dairy Queen to get ice cream hoping that she would be there by then. Meanwhile, my girlfriend and I are growing impatient because we are normally somewhere enjoying overseleves but we're sitting here waiting on this girl that we don't even know and she's basically wasting our time. So we're still sitting around waiting and about 11 her girlfriend calls and says she couldn't come. Now I'm pissed, my girlfriend is pissed and my co-worker is all sad and we're not trying to hear that. My whole perfect date night was ruined but a girl that i never met and my whole night was just crashed and I had to hear it from my girlfriend for being too nice. I will never hear the end of this story from her.
So yesterday in English class we were presented with the question "What would you do if your child said they wanted to be the opposite sex?".  My first thought was absolutely no no no. but as we begun to discuss the story about a six year old boy that wanted to be a good, my prospective begun to change. At three Mark wanted to be Dora the Explorer for Halloween, and at five a girl from the movie High School Musical. During the class discussion, I was like oh no, my child would never. But then what kind of parent would I be if I did not allow my children to live out their dreams and be who they wanted to be. I said of course I would accept my child being they way they are and them being gay to be the opposite sex. So I said, Mark, could not determine his true sexuality at six years old and if he was my child I would make him wait until his a little bit older for him to decide what he wants. But again what kind of parent would I be if i made my child wait to express who he really feels. Because I know how it feels to feel certain way and for every one around you to tell you that it is wrong and what you are going through is just a phase. So as a parent that has been were he is, I would have no choice but to allow him to live his life they way he sees fit because who am I to judge when I had almost encountered the same thing as him.
We then talked about giving our children hormone shots. I said I could never give my child a shot at the age of 13 to change their gender. But then I thought, how could I let my son walk around in a dress with facial hair. That would just be wrong and I would feel bad.

My thoughts about having a transgender child is all over the place and I think every parent would be as well. And i don't think you can fully say what you would do until you are in the situation. But I think that every parent would want they child to be happy and would probably do anything to make that happen but there would be some type of limits. But how could a parent but limits of their children's true happiness. So I thought yes, I could accept my son wanting to be a girl, so why not. If he wanted to dress up, wearing dresses and make-up then I would let him express himself.
Then the subject came of maybe it is just a phase, maybe it could be or maybe the child really felt the need

Sunday, September 15, 2013


My blogg today is just going to about our cancelled class that i really enjoyed and needed . 

WHAT ? no class in English .... On a Friday ! It was the best I didn't do much but having no class all Friday and don't have to go to work .Was / Is usually have to wake up super early and get ready for English that day . It was just so awesome . Thanks Sweeney .That day I woke later than what I suppose too and then cooked breakfast for my spouse and I and it was some kind of good . I then did some things I needed to catch up on so that's something off my shoulders . My job called me in to work but I really had to say no because I work too much and I needed a break and this was my day to do it . So I told them no and continued with my wonderful day and the weather was great outside so I did some things on my car . I took my boo out in my nice clean car and we enjoyed our day in the drop top looking fresh .We rode too Richmond and I took her to Cold Stone and that was my first time and it was a great experience . I got the Strawberry Blonde and it was oh so gooooooot ! lol You guys should try it . My day was great hope you guys were.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


So I have no idea how to go about doing this blog thingy and there is too many pop ups that I don't understand. But anyway, I really don’t even know what to tell you guys.  I guess I will tell you a little bit about myself. I am a high school student attending Richard Bland, I’ll graduate from Prince George High class of 2014. I’m a senior and freshman at the same time. But before you ask, no I am not like a super nerd or a genius, I am just regular kid that was granted a great opportunity and ran with it. Sorry about the boring blog, don’t judge me too harshly, I will try to be better for you guys next time.